Maxwell's Ask Me Anything Thread

Ask me anything you’d like

Why did you name yourself Maxwell on the forums?

I started using discord around March of 2018. I chose the tag Maxwell, which I now use basically everywhere I don’t use my real name, based on James Clerk Maxwell, author of Maxwell’s equations and the father of electromagnetism. The reason I chose that is because I had a wonderful professor for E&M during Fall 2017, who is still far and away the best instructor I have ever had, that got me really invested in engineering.


Oh wow. I didn’t expect such a detailed response. That’s very interesting. Thank you.


What are you thinking you want to do career-wise?

Aerospace Engineering (more on the aeronautical than astronautical side). That’s my major at uni atm


Do you like Undertale?

It would be awesome to be able to work for lockheed, northrop, airbus, or boeing one day.

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Never played although I might tend stay away as I hate memes and it seems memes are a big part of that game’s community.


@Arete typo mb

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Yeah anything

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they key to solving this is biconditionals i think

it’s pretty difficult so don’t sweat it if you don’t get it

thoughts on these songs?

also how do i turn this off


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im not a math major. I gave up and looked up the solution.

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Latter is impossible for a standard user. Former, not a fan.

what the heck

Undertale is a great game and that’s why is super memed a lot of times

A game with a lot of memes is either super good or super bad

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Had to search for the answer
That’s s good one