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Mastermind Reimagined



Can’t touch this: will come up as blue dragon to investigations.

Mission Critical: Immune to death at night.

Day Abilities:

Dirty Work: If you’re the last unseen alive, become the Assassin at the start of the night.

Little Bird: Hear all whispers to and from a player for the day (2 uses) (edited in)

Night Abilities:

Preparations: If the player is convertable, learn their converted type. Additionally, if you convert this player the next night, you cannot be prevented.

Convert (3 uses):

Attempt to convert a player to the unseen. If the conversion attempt fails, you will be refunded a use. If it succeeds, you can’t convert the next night.

Accompanying this would be the removal of succession (aka, only 1 MM), possibly with a timer instead (if MM dies before N4, there’s a new one).

Note that the unseen’s new total convert cap would be 5 people, (5 unseen at a time), but those converts are a pretty limited resource.

Edit 1: Preparation doesn’t bypass CW empower (forgot to take that out from a previous iteration)


Did you hear yourself

5 unseen?


Everything except this



Cult are supposed to be the ones to have strength in numbers, while the unseen have strength in strategy.


Bien, bien

No occ/redirection immunity? F


I’d allow it to target king tbh

Nice, a good buff

Wtf, limited use convert? Ew no

This is ToL not ToS. Conversion is part of the game…


I disageee with the passing court wizard barrier tbh. Court wizard is meant to counter this and make them not convert obvious targets, it doesn’t need it tbh.


True, then make the Prepared night ability allowed to get countered by CW and boom

Or just take that away


it doesn’t need it at all


True, especially with Little bird buff


Prevented means occupy redirection and jail. Immune targets can’t be converted


And remember. Most games have only 1 convert. 2 is less common. 3 or 0 is rare. 4 or more is almost impossible (with this it would be actually impossible)


Most MM games I play I get 2 converts

Rarely there is 3, unless I get converted then convert 2 more