Marson - Mafia Chat

You are the Mafia!

You have a factional douse, and a factional ignite. They may be used on the same night.
You are are not allowed to ignite Night 1.
You have have three ignites over the course of the game.

Ooh hello

We have Ici, The Kyo and the mistaken

Lets have a fun game :slight_smile:

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Let’s take them all out.
I believe @Icibalus is more experienced in the traditional setups. Allow them to formulate a strategy for us.

Shurian are you ready to see this ‘townslip’

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Nevermind I don’t think we can do it without being obvious, that’s fine

^ Good posts to give reasoning as to why thread pressure to people in thread is good.

I should be able to easily flip this wagon off of me, really.
Hopefully anyway.

oh, i’m a wolf
well that explains a lot

As I predicted. Hja immediately latches onto another person.
If they don’t get what they’re looking for immediately they’ll look more prey.
Just keep composure with them and they’re manipulated.

Little thing for you all:

Try and get yourselves suspected daystart. All of them usually CFD onto another random target at endday. Happened in SFoL: 00, happened in SFoL: 53, will happen again.

They’re self conscious about their reads and panic and swap them. Always.

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I’ve kind of lost my fire to be evil after Cop9.
Don’t expect brilliant gameplay from me.
I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m lynched d2.

Vulgard is a loose cannon. His reads on you don’t actually matter, he can quickly go from towncore > lockscum and lockscum > towncore.
Don’t centre your posts around trying to convince him, honestly. Best way of doing that without being scummy is to push him into PoE.

Geyde is an easy towncred token, push on him and town will think that you’re either mad or dumb town.
They’ll choose dumb town. Free points.

Hja is again, easily avoided as long as you maintain composure and never contradict yourself.
Even oppose their points if you have to.

Arete should be manipulated with default scum strategy, stay townie and you gain that via a ‘stupid’ push on Geyde, push on him for being powerwolfy, overconfident and tryhardy.
Make sure you mean it or they’ll just accuse you of throwing shade.

Only threats we really have this game is town gaining too much towncore.
Us being townread is weakened as there are no towncore flips if we decide to mass-douse.

Arete is convinced I TMI’d Maxi as well so if I hang then Arete will probably convince people they’re towncore.

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Oh right, I forgot Alice.
If you two see her as that big of a threat I wouldn’t mind an instant douse and ignite n1.

Otherwise leaving Alice alive is probably fine. Don’t really see her doing amazingly this game depending on how she rates me.

PSA @KyoDaz

Hmm haven’t read thread yet but Hja is just being latchy on everyone without any solid reasoning, so we can leave her be, and when she does (which she won’t), I’m going to try to force a mislynch on her due to the fact that she’s really reliant on her meta