Marooned! [Roleplay Thread]

“I’m Jackson, son of the most powerful merchant in England. We are stuck here”

“Ah, so more white men to try to force their ways upon our people” Clearly he hasn’t had the best of experiences with Europeans “Do yourself a favor son of Jack. Leave our people alone and we’ll leave you alone.” He slowly begins to back away

“Wait, how many of your people are here?”

“We live in peaceful village, you try to force ways upon people. Do not disturb peace” He stops backing away

He dropped his sword on the sand “I only want to trade with your village” “I know a money making opportunity when I see one”

“We have no need of your goods. Your thunder sticks only cause war”

“Can you at least get me clothes? I would much rather be caught dead without clothes than this ruined outfit”

“You keep peace, we give clothes, understood?”

“I keep my promise. I cannot guarantee it for the others.”

“Keep peace for 3 moons, and clothes will be given” The native retreats back into the forest.

You have struck a deal with the natives! Keep the peace for 3 days and they will give clothes!

He picked up his sword and wandered around the island’s shores

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It was a rather pretty place, lush forest, fish in the sea, the occasional animal. clearly you could survive for a while off the land.

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“Bloody hell… where did those damned sailors take me?” Jackson was looking out for signs of other islands

There seemed to be no islands in sight. Ocean as far as the eye could see

Jackson returned back to the shipwreck

Seagulls can be heard, squawking, there seems to be something sticking above the treeline

Marcus slowly rolls over, groaning
He lays there for a bit, not wanting to get up and face the sun. eventually, he pries himself upward and stands up.
“Oh, hey. Jackson, right?”

“Why the hell are we on this bloody island?!” He was clearly irate

A raven perched on a tree, watching the two.

“Well, considering the crates and the bits of wood and the lack of our ship i would say we crashed in that storm last night”
He takes a moment to look over their supplies.
“Good. we have some food and water. My uncle always said those were the first two priorities if i didnt have a way back home.”

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