Marooned! [Roleplay Thread]


A Kai and Co. production

This is the roleplay thread. You do the roleplaying of your character here. Make sense? Ok good now for some fine print

Kai and Co. are not liable for any injuries, deaths, dismemberment. We are also not liable for any food poisoning or any diseases you may contract while visiting the Isle of Doom(patent pending)

Now that is out of the way.

Evening, 16XX, The Adiart

Cannonballs whistle over the deck and splash into the water. The deck is slick and visibility is low in the fog-laden storm. The only moments of clear visibility are when lightning strikes.

“Men! Stay firm! Ensure the ropes don’t sn-” As the captain says this one of the ropes snaps. “Well goddamn it all to hell! Helmsman! Get us deep into the storm!” The helmsman stutters out “B-But s-sir-” The captain snaps back “JUST FUCKING DO IT JERALD!” The helmsman, not having a witty remark to say turns the ship to go into the storm to lose their pursuers.

Soon they lose sight of their pursuers and a cheer runs along the deck. Cut short by a bolt of lightning striking the mast and causing the top half of it to fall into the ocean. “Men! We still have the other half! Worry not! We should be close to port!” Soon the wind picks up heavily, and the helmsman begins going deeper into the storm as cannonballs splash behind them.

CRACK The ship runs into some rocks near an uncharted shore. They try to pull away but the ship falls in half. Soon, everything fades to black

Afternoon, 16XX, Unknown Location

Soon, our hapless characters wake up, sprawled face down on the shores of an island. Luckily a part of the ship’s supplies washed up ashore with them. They count what they have.

  • 5 days worth of food
  • 2 rifles
  • 25 bullets
  • 5 days worth of water
  • Enough gunpowder to fire a rifle 50 times.
  • 5 swords

Not a lot but it is something. Will our heroes survive the island, or will their bodies be left undiscovered.

20 days remain

((i havent forgot about this im just bad at starting it so im waiting for someone else to start))

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(also, you all know each other but not to well)

(is there scattered wood or rope from the crash?)


Rustling can be heard from the trees near by, whether it is human or a beast you cannot tell

Jackson wakes up, coughing up sand and sea water

Seagulls can be heard, the squawks echoing through your ears, more rustling can be heard from the trees

Jackson looked at his clothes “Ruined. Completely Ruined. Great.” He got up and looked for anyone else

There were some of your fellow sailors around, face down. There was some crates along with part of the ship, even more rustling can be heard from the trees

He looked at the supplies that washed ashore

You find the following in the crates. It is almost as if it was prepared in case of marooning

Jackson grabs one sword

Ding! You have equipped a sword. Shame there no way to hold it other than keeping it in your hand

Soon a man approaches with a crudely crafted spear, approaching Jackson, he doesn’t seem hostile

“Yes? Who are you?”

“Who are you? Why are here?” The man clearly doesn’t have the best grasp on the English language. He keeps the spear pointed at Jackson

He put his hands up “We do not have anything you want”

“You evade question, answer question” He begins to approach Jackson

He put his sword out, trembling “We are marooned here.”

“Who are you?” He stops approaching him “What does marooned mean?”