Marooned! [Interest Check]


A Kai and Co. Production

The Setting
Your ship has tragically been shipwrecked and has left its hardy sailors on a seemingly deserted island. Where you must survive as long as possible or until rescue arrives. It is set in the 17th century so don’t expect to be able to find an AK-47.

Survival 101, written by Anonymous
So you’ve been shipwrecked. Your first reaction is too panic and waste your energy. This is the last thing you should do. You should find shelter and a source of food and water.
The rest of the handbook has been throughly soaked and you can’t read it, who needs guides anyways!

Each in RP day is separated into 3 phases

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

What you do at those times is up to you. Seek shelter, hunt food, find water, explore the island, making a rudimentary map as you go. The sky is the limit! Though be wary of your body’s needs, neglecting them can prove fatal.


Job before becoming a sailor:

Come join Kai and Co. as I take you to a isle of secrets and doom. It’ll be fun!

@Magnus @Marshal

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also you just need to say your interested. not make a CS or anything

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idk how interest checks work but i’d be interested if it’s done at a time where I don’t have too many matches going on/something going on IRL

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/making CS

What bout age/gender?

It’s 17th century, women were not sailors at this time

Still age.


What is the mimimum and maxium?
200 year old sailor

Use your head, I think you can do that p well

Can I do 14, the Captain’s son?

If there is a problem with your character i will let you know

When does this happen?

when sufficient interest is shown

i guarantee you that there will be one woman who’s pretending to be a man

if not then i’ll be kinda surprised


Name: Magnus Collins
Age: Fourteen
Job before becoming a sailor: Captain’s Son
Backstory: For preparation of taking over the family business, his father, the Captain, took Magnus onto the boat to learn the ropes. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.
Appearance: A young boy with sandy coloured hair, tanned skin and a little muscle, he wears a cap over his hair.

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can we assume that most or all characters have some proficiency in knot tying or construction (mostly know tying, but construction for mid-voyage repairs) by way of being sailors?


Name: Marcus Aveyerd
Age: 17
Job before becoming a sailor: Carpenter
Backstory: His family’s carpentry business wasn’t doing so well, and they were struggling to make ends meet. Luckily his uncle had an in to this sailing group (will be more detailed as more is known about the group of sailors) and so he decided to go with them. Onboard the ship, he likes to make simple objects with the excess lumber in his free time as a way of relieving stress
Appearance: fairly tall, about 5’10" (in the1600s people were smaller so 5 10 is pretty tall), a mop of black hair. Didnt have much muscle going in but has since toughened up after some time sailing. His hands are calloused but his fingers are as deft as ever.