Marooned! [Character Sheet Thread]


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You’ve been shipwrecked! How tragic! Let me cry while i eat this 5 course meal. This thread is for the hapless souls trapped on the godforsaken Isle of Doom (patent pending)


Job before becoming a sailor:

(the reason why gender is not listed as this is the 17th century, women could not serve on ships)

If you want to do anything special about your character just dm me about it and i’ll work with ya.

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Name: Cheng Ragione
Age: 35
Job before becoming a sailor: Soldier
Backstory: When Ragione was younger, his sister married one of his friends, who, unfortunately, would abuse her after the marriage. This leads him to challenge her husband for his sister’s honor. Ragione won, but due to the high status of the man he killed, he was sentenced to exile.
In this turn of events, he had broken a promise he made to his sister upon their parent’s death: he would never abandon her.

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Name: Marcus Aveyerd
Age: 17
Job before becoming a sailor: Carpenter
Backstory: His family’s carpentry business wasn’t doing so well, and they were struggling to make ends meet. Luckily his uncle had an in to this sailing group (will be more detailed as more is known about the group of sailors) and so he decided to go with them. Onboard the ship, he likes to make simple objects with the excess lumber in his free time as a way of relieving stress
Appearance: fairly tall, about 5’10" (in the1600s people were smaller so 5 10 is pretty tall), a mop of black hair. Didnt have much muscle going in but has since toughened up after some time sailing. His hands are calloused but his fingers are as deft as ever.

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Name: Magnus Collins
Age: Fourteen
Job before becoming a sailor: Captain’s Son
Backstory: For preparation of taking over the family business, his father, the Captain, took Magnus onto the boat to learn the ropes. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.
Magnus was likeable enough, but had a habit of staring into space. He sometimes spoke to someone who wasn’t there.
Appearance: A young boy with sandy coloured hair, tanned skin and a little muscle, he wears a cap over his hair.

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Name: Jackson Roberts
Age: 15
Job before becoming a “sailor”: Merchant
Backstory: Jackson Roberts was the only male child in his family, with the other two being females. He ran the local merchant shops with his father ever since he was 13. He was very rich, so he decided to take a vacation on this very ship. Jackson had never worked a hard day in his life, and it shows in his pasty white skin.
Appearance: Dirty Blond hair, Underdeveloped muscles, About 5’ 7", and usually wearing gold-dyed satin coat.

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Name: Crawford West
Age: 56
Job before becoming a sailor: Butcher
Backstory; Growing up the oldest of his four brothers, he was the one that had to do the most work around the house, especially downstairs in the families Butchery. When he was sixteen his father died of a lung disease that wasnt caught fast enough. That left him and family to struggle to keep the local business and the house for a couple of years until Clawford got really used to it. Later down the line his brothers would move out one by one leaving him to not only deal with the butchery but his aging mother all by himself. He had no time to himself and had to either be cutting meat or helping his mother out. Two monthes prior to him becoming a sailor not only did his mother pass, but also did he lose the passion for butchery. He sold it to the bank, and put away his money to find a new passion, and he saw the sea as that next step.
Appearance: Crawford is an overweight 5’11" man, He has a full grey beard, and soft blue eyes. He is mostly bald except for the sides and back of his head, and usually wears a cap to hide the baldness. He has many of scars on his hands from accidents throughout the years. Prefers blue and white type clothing

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