Many forum badges/achievements can now be used as forum titles

To see if you have a title to display, go here:<YOUR_USERNAME>/preferences/account

(Replacing <YOUR_USERNAME> with your own username, for example, i42-Xblade)


(Titles apply to forum only)


Oops, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:



This is going to be super cool for some slight profile customization, and even though this is above and beyond, I already freaking love it

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Whoooo titles!

Thanks XBlade!

Yass I’m empathetic af

how do you get devotee?

Oh wow I’m not even gonna try

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I wasn’t trying either tbh

I’m also scared

I am close.

wait for 104 more days man.

Welp, I think I lost it when I went to Borneo for the month. I’m hoping that it would be easy to get it back

Also, I tried looking at it by using the thing xBlade suggested to use, but couldn’t find it myself