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Make INQ win even if bleed to die the night they die



I just found a rule unfair, if you bleed and you are INQ, and you got all you target the night you die, you lose.

Could we change this to count as a win since all target effectively die ? append 2 times to me in 400h play.

Best regards.


Excuse me? Are you saying that if inquisitor and his targets die on the same night then he should win?


This is false.
The official wincon of INQ is to survive to see all heathens die.
No matter if he dies to bleed or an attack, if the INQ dies the same night his heathens die, he does NOT win because he did not survive to see them die since they died at the same time.

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that correct. I don’t post a bug but in something I think it would be fair.

I had a game where I success on the last turn to vote exe one healthen, and I exe the other,but still lose. Maybe change by need to kill 3 peoples. I dont know.


what makes bleed different than death by other means?
It’s the same to me in terms of determining an INQ win.

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