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Make Hunter Occupy Immune when and only when He Bears


In a recent game I died night 2 despite bearing because I was occupied. This makes the statement about bearing “you will be death . . . immune” not entirely true.

Let me know what you think about that suggestion.


No, because occupying a Hunter while trying to kill them is a good counterstrategy.


You have the same thing happening if you try to self-heal as a physician.




That can be the issue late game. My line of thought was in early game when hunter gets rando targeted by butler and attacked by evils. This is a good point though


Offensive classes are really strong and can almost singlehandedly stop an evil faction in their tracks. That’s why I think it’s good design that they disrupt the BD if they do not pick their targets well. They are powerful, but lack the information that investigates get for instance. They have to specifically target the evils, which is the main objective of the game and should have a high payoff if done successfully. This is different from supports who just have to target confirmed town, which is less strong and also easier.


Also nothing about occupy makes this statement any less true. Bearing makes you death immune. If you are occupied then you didn’t bear


Yet Butler is pseudo-Investigative :thinking:


If anything Hunter’s mark should make them immune since mark does occupy.