[Maid - new ability] Socialize

Add a new day ability to Maids:

Day ability - Socialize (1 charge)
At the beginning of the night you are given a new random matching partner from among the living players, except the king, your Matchmake ability will match with this target.

It happens from time to time that a Maid hits a matchmaking with a target that is either matching all (Merc or Alch) or incomp with all (Fool, Scorned, NK*) which effectively makes the Maid’s matchmaking for the next day useless, as you know the result and you wont be able to deduce anything from it. So it would be a nice little assist to once per match to reset your matchmaking partner. It will reset to a new player at random among any living player, except the king.

We actually have the exact same thing in regards to Forum of Lies on our version of the maid.

I’d agree with this change.


this would absolutely need to be paired with some sort of maid nerf, probably along the lines of “the maid doesnt start the game with a n0 starting match”

maids already the strongest invest, this would just make her stronger


Maid has a lot of obstacles though. Royals as incomps, neuts as either always incomp/match, evils matching.

I completely agree that N1 is the maid’s strongest point as they effectively get 2 people’s worth of investigating. I’m not sure a cut of the N0 match-target is entirely fair though, but worth considering.

maid is fine where she is
parity cops are strong enough on their own and don’t exactly need a buff