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Maid class split, Maid/Detective (Investigative)



The Detective Blue Dragon Investigative
Day Ability(1): Shadow Peek, You’ll be Immune to framing tonight (2 Uses)
Night Ability(1): Study, Link someone to a dead person to see if they killed them.
Night Ability(2): Scrutinise, Learn if someone has killed before or on this night. (3 Uses)

Converts to:

The Private Unseen Investigative
Day Ability(1): Shadow cloak, Appear Innocent to other investigators (2 Uses)
Night Ability(1): Pry, Learn who visited the dead player (2 Uses)
Night Ability(2): Undercover, Watch someone learning the class and name of there visitors (3 Uses)


Maid Blue Dragon Investigative
Night Ability(1): Matchmake, Compare two players to learn if they are compatible with each other, Royals are Incompatible with each other, Scorned/Fool are always Incompatible.
Night Ability(2): Quickmatch, Switch to two new players to match tonight, first target will not count as visiting. (2 Uses)

Converts to:

The Handmaiden Unseen Investigative
Night Ability(1): Analyze, Test two players, you’ll limit down there classes to two, if they have the same class type you’ll learn there classes. (Infinate)
Night Ability(2): Clean, hide someones logs also making them appear “Undertermind” if they die (3 Uses)


For Handmaiden’s 2nd ability it proves there is a Handmaiden in game. Maybe just wipe out the logs?


That’s the point it proves handmaiden exists but it is useful

(Kinda like janitor)


:point_right: Ew ToS :point_right:


Sheriff is called sheriff.

While I don’t like Tos personally some role ideas are good.


This is extremely strong even despite limited uses.
2-shot parity cop that targets two players is incredible in efficiency. Since maid can be rolled more than once that makes the class even stronger.

At best I would reduce it to having only one use, but even then it’s power is incredible.

Could you specify what exactly this does?

Overall, I don’t think there is a real need to have more BD invest classes as we already have an extremely high amount (4 versus next highest which is 3 in support).


Objection, there are 5 investigatI’ve classes


We need BD special classes


No problem with having more investigative classes Imo.


Yeah sure but I’d rather get more of other types first


Wouldn’t mind other types but social and Offensive are hard to make, at least one more of each would be cool.

I agree that there needs to be another Killer.

But it doesn’t mean people can’t suggest investigative and Support classes.


I never said you can’t suggest anything

But I’d rather dev time not be allocated on them for now

Later sure yeah but like we have one true Killer lmao


I mean more killers would be useful.

A lot of killer ideas like a Crusader or firebrand are possible


Crusader like TOS?
Nah, famski.
They can just kill endlessly and that annoys me.


That’s not even the worst part

It’s literally just RNG


Shit that reminds me we should get a Marshal


Crusader which would only kill one visitor if there is one visitor would be my work of course it would be a limited protection.