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Maid and Handmaiden (My Take)


Maid - BD Investigative

Night Abilities -

Primary (Matchmake)
Check if two players are compatible, if they are you will learn the class types of them both. They are not compatible if either of them have a special class type, prince or both of them have royal blood (infinite uses)

Secondary (Nosy Servants)
Target a dead person tonight, you will learn three names of players that may have killed him tonight. (2 uses, can not check the same person twice.)


Secondary (Nosy Servants)
You will learn the feedback of a dead player. You can not learn the feedback if they were NK or unseen/Cult (infinite uses)

No day abilities

Handmaiden - Unseen Investigative

Night Abilities -

Primary (Hateful Matchmaking)
Frame two players. If they are compatible you will learn the classes if they are BD (infinite uses)

Secondary (Prying eyes)
Learn what a players class type and faction is and who visits them. (3 uses. Bypasses frame.)

Again. Been a while since I made one of these. And I made it on data. Love y’all!


Soooo a better princess basically.

What defines “may have killed them”.
You basically get 3 suspects, kill the worst claim, ez killer out.

Soo a better Marshal.


What I’m going for. Jeez you must be thinking. Aren’t I dumb lol. Going to say. I’m bad at making classes thinking