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Maid Ability Resolve


This topic just made for those newplayer who still confusing and giving wrong decision about Maid MM.

BD + BD = Comp
Unseen/Cult + Unseen/Cult = Comp
BD + Unseen/Cult = Incomp
Royal + Royal = Incomp
Alch + (Everyclass except Fool/Scorned) = Comp
Fool/Scorned + (Everyclass except Fool/Scorned) = Incomp
Inq + Heathen = Incomp
Inq + Non-Heathen = Comp
Merc + (Everyclass) = Comp
SS + Evil/Neutral = Comp
SS + BD = Incomp
Pretender + (Everyclass) = Comp
Pretender + Royal = Incomp
NK + SS/Merc/Pretender/Alch = Comp
NK + Other Classes = Incomp


Alch + Fool/Scorned = ?

Unstoppable force meets immovable object bitches


It’s like Juggernaut and Pestilence but this makes sense.


My bad, Fool/Scorned incomp with alch




If Scorned matched all but framed targets, and Fool matched all except for when framed (in which case he matches the evil faction), the maid results would make more sense and be way more intuitive

It is simply not fair for scorn to match nobody since matching nobody gives fool a free win but scorned an unavoidable loss

It’s not like they have time to disguise the person they were matched against before they get executed


Not this argument again -.-


i mean if im wrong feel free to correct me but it seems pretty clear cut

fool benefits from maid

scorn loses because of it

it’s not fair


it’s not meant to benefit scorned.
Fool benefiting is a byproduct


scorn and fool can technically win with anyone

so that is simply not true