Magnus's Venting Thread

The page title is a front.

Us lesser members must regroup and counter the evil mods. If a mod is sighted, we must hid until it is time to return. No one is to make a list of the time we will revolt, for I will tell you in the dark. Get ready for war!
It’s cool. They won’t banhammer me.

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You’re terrible at this

If only you could see this

I’m a grey amber themer
Unfortunately for you

/vanishes into thin air.

I immediately posted when you opened the thread
Kinda late on that

Me too lol.

How have I been evil exactly


Still no

It’s just, you know, mods in general.


For reference

I’m testing.

Shall you be our Royal Spy, Geyde?

Generally, revolts are held for specific reasons.
Even the worst forms of ruling have worked in the past under the proper people

I’ll do the thing where I try to look like I’m one of them to such an extent that even I wouldn’t be able to tell what was actually going on.

Lol. You need to turn the mods attention away from this page. I shall rename it to something so cringe no mod will investigate.

I know just the solution
Delete thread



The title is enough.