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Magician/Enchantress Bd/unseen offensive


My initial statement was saying that the NIGHT ability’s happened to fall under support


For reference


Also on closer inspection. These 2 are offensive.

While these 2 are support


Occupying a player if the visit someone is both direct offensive and support

I can see your case on Whirlwind


OK I can agree with you then I can see how you can see them as support


Then we are done here :wink:

Onto things besides types


I’d still lean towards it being offensive over support based on the main ability.


Honestly. If any ability is a gray area it’s this one. Because it fits the definition of investigative, but it also fits some definitions for social. It definitely leans more towards invest but it’s weirdly hard to say it IS investigative and nothing else.

Kinda like how defend is somewhat support and somewhat killer.


Anyways. Question: What feedback do you get from her ability’s?


Defend is funny, it’s killer and support.

Thinking about it bear guard is also support and killer, Mark is offensive and killer.
. It’s very hard to define what classes should always fall under.

I think primarily its main ability should be what class type they fall under.


Simple occupation message for the main three.

Whirlwind gives a redirect message.

No messages based on the class and what they get back.

I guess she could get “They Targeted X so your focus failed” or “They didn’t target X so you occupied them”


" X targeted X so you occupied them"


I’ve always maintained that self defense is not type specific. Considering that it exists on every type:

Special: King (guards)
Support: Physician (Self care), Alchemist (Stoneskin), Chronomancer (PD)
Offensive: Butler (Party)
Investigative: Paladin arguably (Smite)
Killer: Hunter (Bear)
Social: Fool (Hide)

Even more if you count passives


Butler Party is more support because it blocks direct visitors on you similar to self care or Sg



Oh NOW AOE occ is support


But that’s dependent on what you consider support and Offensive.

It’s debatable what it falls under


Nah I was using your example of it.


it’s cool. I was just messing with you


Investigative and killer have clear definitions.
Social is hard for me but I feel like it’s based on other players interactions ect.
Special is just yolo anything goes


We should probably get back on topic. None of this helps improve the class