Mafia championship bio creation

Okay guys. I need a bio for mafia championship.

They said it’s okay to enlist some of my communities for help, so here you go, add whatever you want into it. As trolly as you want too.

This post is a wiki btw.


And lastly, I need a bio from you.

Please fill out the below form and then send it to me via PM on your home site or on Discord.




Eevee is the kind of person where, if he were to say, be neighbourised with you, and if he, in response to that, fakeclaimed lost wolf that had peeked you as a partner, you might just in response think it’s a non-terrible idea to fakeclaim wolf as a villager to see if he’s FPSing, and get lynched for it by accident. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. - Icibalus

Do not play with him, unless you have a lot of gel for the pain of the ass and the Internet has disgusted you, because later you won’t want to see him again for two years, and you will make his voodoo mascots just to burn in the hell blessed fire. ~ Rico

Hi Exce!
Your alignment is Villager :cowboy_hat_face: Your goal is to kill all wolves.
If you shoot a villager, you will die. If the wolves reach parity with the village, you lose. ~ WolfiaBot

Eevee is eevee. He always acts like he has TMI on every single player in the game, even if he doesn’t. Unless he’s been cheating all this time and I never noticed. ~ Vulgard

Arete is a nerd. Also, eevee has good taste in animals, and I truly never really know what eevee is doing when I play with him until he accidentally snapvotes me when I’m deepwolfing in LyLo. ~ katze

I speak from a third party perspective and only have good things to say about Eevee. First, his avatar. Second, when he was born, the world rejoiced at pure creative talent that come alive. He is the kind of person who comes up with unspeakable things in games your brain can never grasp why he does what he does. If he doesn’t do this, it’s imposter eevee and should be lynched.
Did I mention he’s a wonderful being? ~ aadono

If you think you know what Eevee is doing - you are wrong. He’s good. Yes, that good. Just don’t expect him to play casually.

I am actually terrified of eevee ~ Chemist1422

We play forum mafia while eevee plays 5d chess ~Marshal

whatever bullshit comes to your mind.

Eevee is a bitchass mother fucker, he pissed on my wife ~ Ami

Eevee does Eevee things. If you townread them, their scum. Otherwise, their town. Simple. ~ Derps

Eevee should go with a thunder stone, Jolteon’s the best one. He’s also pretty nifty when it comes to mafia I guess ~ Nerbins

Thumb. ~ Wazza

Feel free to enlist the help of your community to make this bio.


Yeah, feel free to write whatever bullshit comes to your mind.

That’s the point.


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so eevee you’re just getting your bio from us or have you done this on every site you’re active on and told us to compare and contrast


so like you’re going to have various different bios which will have faintly contradictory implications

Literally anything.

Every site and I’m gonna merge them into one weird thing.

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eevee would you say cats or dogs are the superior animal

this is important

“Eevee is eevee. He always acts like he has TMI on every single player in the game, even if he doesn’t. Unless he’s been cheating all this time and I never noticed.”



I had a dog in the past tho, but only cause mother had cat fur allergy.

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Eevee is a bitchass motherfucker. He pissed on my wife.


…well, pg-13 forum