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Luigi Mansion (9/13) Sign Ups


“I claim town”
gets vigged


prob a passive vig


That’s the meme

[quote=“Meteoro, post:81, topic:75825, full:true”]

“I claim town”
gets vigged

That’s an alignment, not a claim.


If you don’t know your passive,how would It work?


That’s aligment claim


also meant to reply to Isaac in thats the meme


im not gonna claim town


Claim village




I ate a lot of skittles someone help


Eat more
you’ll feel better for it


no I feel like im gonna throw up


I had to drink water or I was gonna die




Can we state what flavor we want to join as?
When it says “feel free to claim it, however do not quote it” does that mean we can ask for it in the main thread?
Also /ni


This is acceptable to name or mention

This is not

I already RNG’d flavor so sadly you can’t ask for it


Luigi+April 8th

heck yeah im /in



Luigi’s Mansion was my first ever DS game, haven’t even read the OP I just see the name, I click, I in, I’m very simple.


Hey Wazza, do you promise to play to the best of your ability even if someone pisses you off


You’re the first person who has said this.

So it’s a yes.