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Luigi Mansion (9/13) Sign Ups


But then all town play like vanilla town basically, because they don’t know better… :confused:


which means everyone should play to the best of their ability


You just got to trust me that I know what I’m doing


Basically abilities should give town same advantages that 1 lynch should


Kitten obviously wants people to play like VT so they rely on reads


Now you can’t fps


It’s FUN competitive fun though

I promise it’s fun tho


You can’t fps if you don’t play


I do that too with mechanics though. I’m going to flipflop on me joining this… hmmm.

/out for now until I make up my mind about this


fpsing in a mountainous type setup is possible


I should write article on advanced gamethrowing strategies


Other people don’t. I didn’t put 13 people in a game with zero fun as I know how to host better then that. The goal of this game is to have people collectively interact with mechanics rather then focus on one person controlling an ability. Basically, so people actually play the game instead of relying heavily on mechanics.




Necromancer revenge where phys only heals bleeding


That game was glorious


I can blame that on the people who were suppose to review my setup for mistakes


Also known as how I got that through the review process and 7 people didn’t notice it


Ultimate betreyal


I should have probably thrown in a claim vig for the memes tbh


but we don’t know our passives