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Luigi Mansion (9/13) Sign Ups


how df do I press cancel image


I was gonna ping hjas to join but then realized he was already in


Kittteennsssssss. :eyes:


No comment


10/10 argument


Honestly he got destroyed so hard there


Is the bastard effect that the host won’t answer questions? :thinking:


no just don’t join (plz join though if you haven’t already)


That’s not a bastard mechanic that’s a right I have


+1 respect


That’s not how this works…

I can just see a judge having to give a verdict and being like I’m exercising my right to remain silent


Hmm. I see the problem


continues to argue with a mod


omg it happened again someone help me


Now I have the right to remain silent


15 1-shot conversions


Wait it’s so stupid that a person can get away with admiting to a crime and it can’t be used as court evidence if they don’t know their right to remain silent


Are there abilities for town as well as passives?


Is it more or less stupid than this. :smile:


No; mostly did this so scum can counter town power without giving them ridiculously over powered passives