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Luigi Mansion (9/13) Sign Ups


I think we should really make a post about defining what bastard means on this site.


If it’s known beforehand it exists, it isn’t


Host directly lying to a player


And it’s a closed setup :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough


Not true


lol /in


how do we find out the passive


You don’t. That’s the whole reason this setup exist is to destroy mass claim




damn now I’m thinking about how this setup could have been a explore type of deal where everyone is a player who goes in a room to explore a room and hunt ghosts while still making it mafia

missed opportunity imo


But then you also can’t play with your abilities, because… you don’t know them?


Absolutely incorrect!


The best kind of correct.


I invoke the no u card while we wait for people to fill this game


You can try to find out own ability


But I mean, how is it wrong? If all my abilities/passives are hidden, then how can I possibly use it to my advantage unless it’s something like a hidden PGO effect for instance which is always good… I mean great, but it doesn’t allow you to play more aggressively knowing you have it which is all the fun in having abilities in the first place.


We must delve into the mind of Firekitten. :thinking:


Don’t make it sound like something nsfw tho


Kind of impossible if firekitten doesn’t have a mind