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Luigi Mansion (9/13) Sign Ups


Welcome To Luigi Mansion Forum Mafia.


1.No Angleshooting

2.No quoting your card. No quoting other chats as well.

3.Don’t join if you are going to be inactive.

4.The minimum post requirement is 10 posts each day. If you seriously can’t reach this then I feel sorry for you.

5.Don’t announce you will replace out. Or better yet, don’t join this if you think you are going to replace out or find this boring. I will remember if you replace out when I host other games.

6.No talking about the game outside of the thread, if you see someone doing it tell me ASAP.

7.No quoting your flavor text in your class card or even paraphrasing it. You may name your flavor character however.


1.Lynches are plurality D1 and majority + plurality all of the other days.

2.Day/Night cycles are 72/24, unless stated otherwise by an ability.

3.There are no last wills unless stated otherwise.

4.Each person has a passive they do not know. Only mafia know their passives. Don’t be that one guy who outs your passive.

5.In addition to passives, mafia have 15 one shot abilities. They can perform these abilities in addition with their factional kill. (A person can kill someone and use their ability)

6.If a mafia member dies, the mafia need to cross out an Ability. They can’t use that ability anymore.

7.This game is not bastard, however may have slight bastard elements.

8.Passives are revealed upon death.

9.Flavor names are NAI. Feel free to claim it, however do not quote it. If you quote your flavor text or even soft it expect to be modkilled.

10.The host has a right to remain silent regarding any questions about the setup passives, to stop angle shooting.


10 town

3 mafia

Sign Ups


Back Ups


Please Note, this game will not start until after April 8th.

If this gets filled I would probably send out rolecards in 1-2 days after it’s filled, however you should confirm in your class card as day won’t start till after April 8th. Any talking in this thread will first result in a warning and after that other punishments will happen.

Game Links

Town Card + D1 Mechanics


Town Card looks like this.


”I didn’t ask to be placed in a haunted mansion here”

Somehow, SOMEHOW. You caused enough chaos that people were done with you. They threw you in a haunted mansion and was like “Whatever Happens, Happens” turns out ghosts aren’t that scary. They are actually pretty friendly. That is, until the dark moon happened. Now you try to get rid of the dark moon influence, as even King Boo regrets his decision. Turns out, that the dark moon affects ghost differently. And some of them aren’t listening to him.
Win Condition-Defeat all of the members of the mafia

Game Mechanics For D1 Go Here

1.Something goes here
2.Something goes here
3.Something goes here
4.Something goes here



How does this apply to chats like scumchat and masonchat? Also no talking until gamestart I presume? :thinking:


you can talk in your scumchat/whatever other chats may exist. It only means this thread.


Also, all game mechanics will be added onto a single post. This means that for example, something happens D1. It will be added to the first post under D1. If something happens D2, there will be a title saying D2 under the D1 Mechanics and I’ll say check there for the mechanic. This is to keep all game mechanics organized


Do you need a cohost?



This is your calling. :eyes:


Not really, setup is small enough that I can do it by myself.


/in as backup


Right setup, wrong time.

I’m working on getting my somewhat balancedish GI out and hosted, and that’s all I’m doing.


Starts on 8th of april


I don’t know how long my hiatus might be and I don’t want to say I’d be back playing so soon









I have come for your head




That isn’t how that works


slight bastard elements such as mod lies, fake modkills, wolf ICs and, of course, player duplication


Godfathers would be considered slightly bastard