LoTRFM - Dead Chat

There is dead interaction.

@PokemonKidRyan xoxox

Oh dear. there’s dead interaction?
I thought I’d be the only interactor due to sheer power.
Could be a scum one…

there’s zero scum dead interaction

swear on the lord that’s the truth

do modkills get in deadchat @Luxy

No magnus is removed from the game

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Makes sense.

Honestly not surprised at all if I was claimvigged.
And I’m kinda annoyed at Hip and Astand ngl.
Especially Astand because I didn’t believe they were joking about that.

lmao i was rushing the claim vig like “GOGOGOGOGOGOG HERES THE THING GOGOGOGOGOGOG”

Y’er gonna make me paranoid.

Don’t forget that there are hidden mechanics. So could be something involving the ring that unlocks your team’s ability to do converty / dead interacting things but aren’t revealed yet.

Charmed, I’m sure.
Tbh you should know me better than anyone, I’d just use my retri immediately lmao.
So there was… Little reason to be worried.

sorry but i dont lie on the lord

Fair enough… Do y’all have conversion mechanics?

i wish, would make our lives a bunch easier

Wth? I knew this would happen

Did I not call that Boss was gonna flip town? No one listens to me

Also someone shot me I think and I’m pissed

Solic is scum that can read the dead chat?