[Lore Suggestion] To Uphold the Princess Title

Everyone stood equal under the grace of a blue moon. The light never differentiated between one and another. Humans, however, were not the light. Even so, it did not stop a few from acting in the dark.

The richness of a merchant’s abode was not comparable to the opulence of a royal chamber. Beeswax candles burn all night long. Bed of linens cushioned with silk from abroad occupied a space enough for three people to sleep comfortably. The curtains cost more than the annual earning of a gentry’s family.

A light breeze swayed the cushions off its arrangement. The wind danced without a care in the room as a window was wide open. Like the night, the wind did not care what it moved.

Curls of auburn hair swept against a dress. The Princess, however, did not care for the wind. Her gaze was locked onto a face, sharp and handsome with eyes full of experience. A cloak hid whatever clothes he was wearing underneath. Even his eyes were not fully visible under the cover of his hood.

“You are not supposed to be here,” said the Princess. However, she did not ask him to leave.

“Your safety is the concern of everyone, Princess,” he answered in a rich, husky voice.

Seeing that she did not call for guards, the boldness in his heart only grew. He took a step closer. The Princess did not react. After a pause that lasted a fraction of a second, her jade-like legs stepped forward. The man inhaled sharply. Rays of moonlight that came through only served to highlight the beauty of the Princess.

The Princess let a tiny smile showed on her stiff face. Whether she noticed the change in his expression was unknown. She tilted her head ever so slightly. Her tone was gentler.

“The moon will be full tomorrow. I hear the left tower would be left empty for renovation.”

His heart leapt out. Even the Fool would know the meaning behind those words. His eyes inadvertently fell to the curvate outlined by the royal dress. The Princess showed no sign of noticing his stare.

“My maids should come in soon to help me change. It is almost time for bed.”

Again, a monologue directed only for him. The man quelled his desire, tearing his eyes from the feast.

“I bid you farewell, Princess.” The man bowed deeply before he decisively turned to the window and jumped down. From the view of the room, he had disappeared.

When the man ran out of sight, the smile on the Princess’ face vanished. Simply from his ability to enter her room and the bow he performed, she managed to deduce his high bearing and experience at court.

With a flick of her wrist, a small fire flickered on at where the man stood. The fire was blue and white near the center. The shadows in the chamber elongated. They danced erratically under the eerie light as if possessed. Sometimes, whispers came from somewhere in the room.

The Princess did not care for the anomalies. She looked into the core of the fire, where the white sphere slowly turned colourless, revealing a scene of a hall from the royal castle. It was the cloaked figure. In his hand, however, was a sword.

“Well, Sir ‘Knight’,” her gaze turned cold. “where are you bringing your sword tonight?”

Everyone stood equal under the grace of a blue moon. The Princess thought to be a fool and the Knight thought to be righteous.

The Princess, however, did not care for the Knight.

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Those descriptions… the great emphasis on how their priorities and feelings… in each and every paragraph, I could feel it >_<

That tension between the princess and the knight was beautiful. Sinners and guilt are a great way of making it work.

I seemed to have lost a bit of my comprehension skills as well, because I know it’s a real good short, but I am unable to figure what is the Princess and what is the Knight’s true identity XD.

Well, the Princess is the Princess. The only allusion is a blue moon which can tentatively represent Blue Dragon. The Knight’s true identity is deliberately kept ambiguous. The Princess didn’t know his identity either, which is why she put a Will O’ Wisp on him.

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