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[Lore Suggestion] The Unseen


Finally got around to doing some faction lore. Let me know what you think!

Not long ago, Castle Adiart was a quiet place where the royals and nobles would congregate to decide on the laws of the land. However, due to the emergence of a shadowy organization who call themselves the Unseen, the Castle has been plunged into chaos. During the long days that seem to stretch on forever, many in the castle retain a calm exterior, trying to keep composure in a time when you must doubt even your closest friends. However, everyone thinks to themselves, “Who can I trust?”

There is no clear answer for the Blue Dragon, the remainder of the people still loyal to the land. However, the leader of the Unseen, generally referred to as the Mastermind, knows who his allies are. By day, he and his Assassin continue their façade, posing as loyal members of the Blue Dragon, but by night, they co-ordinate at their headquarters, rumoured to be in secret underground tunnels of the Castle, plotting on which powerful members of the Blue Dragon must be assassinated, and which vulnerable members, perhaps doubting their allegiances, will be converted. At some point during the early morning, the members are said to split up and complete their tasks. The Assassin will be on his way to kill, while the Mastermind will approach someone in doubt of who to trust.

On this particular night, the Mastermind chose to approach the Observer, a spymaster for the Blue Dragon. Unfortunately, he was known for his loyalty, and under normal circumstances, would not be easy to approach. However, during the previous day, a fellow member of the Blue Dragon made some less than polite remarks about his loyalty. He began to doubt himself because of it, wondering if even staying loyal to the Blue Dragon was even the correct choice. The Mastermind knew this was his chance, and knocked on the Observer’s door.

The Mastermind began to weave his web of lies, pretending to be concerned for the Observer. The Observer was at first weary of them, but soon began to let their guard down due to the charismatic way the Mastermind approached him. The Observer began to let his insecurities out, hoping to confide in the Mastermind. The Mastermind of course gave him the best advice you could get out of someone with an ulterior motive, urging him that the Blue Dragon had lost its way, and needed to be set straight again. The Observer asked, “How could we make this happen?” The Mastermind smiled when he heard these words, as he knew it was time to convert the Observer. The Mastermind said, “I actually work for the organization known as the Unseen. I know what you may be thinking, but I think you know that the only way for the Blue Dragon to succeed is a change in leadership.” The Observer considered this carefully, but at last came to the conclusion that the Mastermind was the only one capable of succeeding where the Blue Dragon failed.

As the Mastermind left the room, so did another. No longer the Observer, loyal to the Blue Dragon, but the Nightwatch, the Unseen’s private spy. With another member in their ranks and another Blue Dragon threat eliminated thanks to the Assassin, the Unseen was closer yet to grasping the power that Castle Adiart holds.

[Lore Suggestion] Masterthread

I’ve always attributed the Mastermind as a Randall Flagg archetype. This fits that mental image well.


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