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[Lore suggestion] The Sellsword's burden


“We found this letter, and a large sum of money, on a drunkard’s body. Castle Investigators suggest that it was stolen by said drunkard in an alcohol-fueled stupor, but this does not explain why he was murdered.”

Dear mother,
I failed to save my employer, the sheriff. He fell ill to poison - night shade, they say. I feared I wouldn’t be able to find a new job; after showing my ineptiude at protecting the physician, and then again the sheriff in the same week, I thought for sure no one would pay me again - and then I wouldn’t be able to support you or my brothers… I must admit, I felt as though I couldn’t face you, so I had decided to take my own life… I’d been at the top of the castle, prepared to end it, when a man in black inetrvened…
In any case, he talked me down off the ledge. He told me that all was not lost; in fact, he offered me a job to protect him and his family. I asked how many he had, and he said just one, a son. He said that he saw what was wrong in me - I was burdened with the task of helping my family. He said that accepting this job would lift that burden, but place a new one on me - that of saving the kingdom.
In any case, I have found work again. It is a bit more demanding defending multiple people, but it pays much better - I will be able to send you money for food in just a few days!

credit to @B_Psycho2 for the intro and other edits

[Lore Suggestion] Masterthread

I’m guessing the “family” is the Unseen? Am I right?


Yes, I was trying to be subtle.


Yeah it works very well, I like this lore.


There is one spelling mistake at the end


what is it supposed to be?


I have found new work I’m guessing


I changed it to “I have found work again”


Okay, other than that I think that the lore is very good imo.


Edit: changed how blue dragon intercepted the letter


Nice lore ropestring.