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[Lore suggestion] The Retired Inquisitor and the Failed Mercenary


Mercenary lore:

Failed contract 1: The Mastermind (Contract died)

Failed contract 2: The Blue Dragon*

As he wrote down his former clients, he thought to himself what had happened that day. The king approached him and fired him for one reason: hindrance. His only talent was to prevent people from visiting, and that’s it. And most of the time it helps the unseen more.

The mercenary was no more. She sat down with her baby, Lucy, crying.

“Honey, I can’t take this. I failed 2 contracts already.”

“If you want to make it, do what you do best. People need to see your potential.”

Later after feeding her baby the mercenary decides to take a breather. She’s exiled from the castle now, and nobody can get her back in.

“Nobody? Why such dark thoughts?” A hooded figure appeared just behind her.

“Are you The mastermind? You seem familiar.”

The hooded figure lay down his cape. The face was of a beautiful woman and a powerful witch, rolled into one. She seemed abnormal.

“Don’t be a fool. I’m giving you a chance again.” What could this person possibly want? “I’m giving you a chance to be you. To do what you do best; to hinder.”

“Will this contract expire after a few weeks?”

“We shall see…”

The mercenary gave a slight glimmer of hope Finally she can make enough money to support her family.

The Inqusitor

“Age is a powerful thing. It can turn tides of battle, it can be a powerful weapon if you can use it right.” - Rasmodius, Grand Wizard of Adiart

The Inqusitor was getting old. The hunt for the Sorcerer was endless. It was almost time to retire from the church.

“Don’t tell me you’re going on another chase, we need your help.” His bishop complained.

“I can’t chase this sorcerer anymore. The least I can do now is make people believe.”

“So you shall. Your effort to the church is valuable.”

The Inqusitor grinned sinisterly.

When he reached the castle, he saw his former nemesis. He appeared to have new spells, in ways which he couldn’t comprehend.

That wasn’t his era anymore. That wasn’t his mission. Let the Blue Dragon kill the sorcerer on their own. He needs to recruit more followers of the church.

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