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(Lore Suggestion) The Princess


The fair Princess is the most loving and beautiful soul in the Castle Adiart

Her eyes always shine when in a time of despair, she always wants the best for her friends! She sobs when she finds someone unloved and uncared. Her passion to save everyone is so much that she cares about others more than her own loving soul but she is not just a loving soul she is also a genius!

Ever since she was little, she had a terrible nightmare about an evil force taking over the Castle Adiart, she felt that she couldn’t trust anyone, she began using her kindness to learn about people to make sure she knows who is this evil force!

Also sorry if my lore is awful, just saw that princess had no lore so I wanted to give her one

[Lore Suggestion] Masterthread

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It’s not that bad. Could be a little longer, but everything else is fine. Good on you for trying to add lore!




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