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[Lore suggestion] The Priest's passing


The Priest observes the chapel. There was only one person she knew who would come at this time of the night. A thin man with a beard longer than the king’s beard crept into the chapel, as his coughing echoed. The Priest felt a different intention in them, one vastly different than the previous nights.
“Holy priest! Please hear my plea!” He cried, collapsing at her feet. Her mind was clouded, impossible to detect anything unlike most nights. “You must come to the court tomorrow! Please!” He begged. Before she could ask what had happened he sprawled out of the chapel, his coughing still echoing into the distance. The next morning The Priest arrived at the court, However something was different. The king was in a state of depression, several positions at the table remained empty and the prince was nowhere to be found. A single guard stood at the entrance, who welcomed Her in with haste. The Priest entered as the crier started speaking.
“It is with regret and sorrow that I decree, that the prince died in his sleep to unknown means.” Said the crier. The Priest couldn’t help but diverge her attention to finding the man who had called for her presence in an attempt to keep the prince’s death out of her mind. She spotted him beside the king, as he hastily waved her over. “My liege, She is here.” He mumbled into the king’s ear. The king opened his eyes, as though waking up from a trance. He took the priest aside, to his son’s chamber where the prince laid dead.
“My courtiers have gone missing, I have found my guards dead in the halls and my only son is dead” the king solemnly said
“I care not for myself…But please, do whatever you have to, just bring back my son” He pleaded, trying to hold back his tears.
“Give me some time, I need visit the chapel to get a few things” She responded. The king nodded, returning to the court in his trance like state of depression. She returned that night, knowing exactly what had to be done, though hesitant. She knew this would happen eventually, just not when. The dead whom spoke to her during the night are now silent. Those who had previously risen easily, as she now struggled with a fresh corpse. Her power is dwindling and she had to be quick. She wrote her final farewell, leaving it on the bedside table. The next morning, the crier came to the court once again. “I regret to inform you of the death of The Priest residing in the court by unkn-” Said the crier, before his mouth gaped open at the chamber side entrance. The prince walked into the court with a scrawled letter in his hand, as courtiers gasped and fainted. The king was supported by a thin man with a beard longer than the king’s to his son, where he fell to his knees in front of him.
“My son, is it you?” he said, staring up at him.
“It is father.” The Prince replied. The king held himself around the prince, like a mother cuddling her newborn child. “But…How did…” The king asked.
“She wrote this for him.” The prince said, handing the letter to the man as a silence came over the three. The Priest was buried outside her chapel and despite the rumors and constant prying at the three by the court nobody ever knew what happened that night. The king was too busy, The man shut himself in the chapel after resigning from court, while the prince either knew too little, or did not dare to speak of what had happened. Soon most witnesses of the event had either left or passed away. Those who remained only knew one fact. One person went in, and someone else came out.