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[Lore Suggestion] The Maid


The halls of Castle Adiart were well kept for the most part but nobody had paid attention to the lack of cobwebs or footprints anywhere making it seem like nobody ever visited. It almost seems they do not know of my existence, but they shall learn that even a person as lowly as myself can make a difference in the fight for our own kingdom!

Exploring the rooms and cleaning up for patrons is just one of many jobs that I do, people seem to think that I do not know their true intentions. Checking out their possessions to see if the people in the castle suit each other is a hobby that not many would expect but it lets me know quickly if any enemies to the throne are nearby. I even hear the quiet whispers of the dead, learning about their last moments alive… Why must they speak with such silence surrounding us? That’s a mystery that was solved in the past but now it’s my job to show what I can do.

I know people look down upon me just due to my title yet that’s all I need. If I avoid suspicion then they will never stop me from doing my job, for I shall serve my country with my utmost effort for everyone’s sake.

With my skills, I’ve learnt that the Physician gets on with the Assassin. “I must inform the king at once!”. Another traitor down and another day comes to an end but now I hear them… Footsteps from afar, I must scramble lest I lose my chance to help save the kingdom. A small shadow has appeared outside of my room… I fear my time has come to an end. Maids beware of everyone. Friends turn traitors quickly and we need to help solve these mysteries to unlock the truth about this castle.

~~From the diary of Maid Diane, covered in dark splotches of blood

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