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[Lore Suggestion] Planterror, the Embodiment of Nature


Self titled lore of the plant himself.

About 3 months ago, a note was found on a formerly hunter’s doorstep. You may wish to see it first.

Adiart Forest

Planterror ran. He ran out into the wilderness. He didn’t wish to take part anymore. To him, all that matters was relaxing.

And then it stopped.

All the frustration of the court. All the bribing words of the unseen. All of it. Gone. He felt at peace with the forest.

But still. An emptiness fell inside of him. He drew his bow, scouted, and a wolf howled before before the forest fell silent. This wasn’t enough. He needed something. He needed a purpose.

And that’s just what he got in that forest.

He wandered for a while, and uncovered strange symbols on what looked like a summoning portal. Perhaps the sage could figure out what it is.


I need to stop this. He thought to himself. No more relying on the unseen. He approached the relic, and something was standing in the middle. A plant with a pink bulb. as he drew closer, he saw the plant bloom. and bloom. and it opened it’s bulb.

And when it was all over, there was no poacher anymore. Just a monster of a plant.

The mutated plant grew on the body it found. It was a perfect fit.

And then the plant ran towards the castle.

“I have returned,” it spoke in a dark, ominous voice. “I’ve come for revenge.”

[Lore Suggestion] Masterthread

so would you start doing litten lore :thinking:


do I know you :thinking:

I have a hazy memory of before september


k I’ll just not join your next turbo game :wink:



Plant, if you had to do lore on a user on these forums besides yourself, who would it be?


No idea to be fair.

I don’t play most FM, so I have no idea what your personallities are.


I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going


hjasik no.


How could this happen?


I see an interesting idea


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