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[Lore Suggestion] Chronomancer


A scout entered the newly appointed Chronomancer’s room, and found a diary. We opened it and found an excerpt unlike any one seen by man or woman before:

"Cycle 99 - Day 1

Like the other 98 times, the King’s just been murdered and the new King crowned. I’ve concluded long ago that there’s no escaping it, but it’d be nice for history to not repeat itself for once.

If this is obeying the classic pattern, the Blue Dragon will be very nearly toppled by a shadowy organisation, and there’s nothing I can do about it. My only obligation is to stay in the castle and study the strange flow of time surrounding it, and so far the people don’t seem to have noticed that I keep greeting people who I’ve only known for a few days as old friends.

I don’t even like most of them, but the sight of blood really does end up biasing you in somebody’s favour.

Cycle 99 - Day 2

Like the other 98 times, somebody’s been murdered, and accusations started flying. It’s always somebody different who ends up on the bad end of things, but nothing too unusual.

This time it was the Princess.

The stars acted strangely when I called them tonight, but their movements became routine after I casted a few simple runes.

Cycle 99 - Day 3

There’s been an anomaly.

Some people today just stared into space, their bodies empty, and a man strode in waving around a glowing sword. He claimed to be a Paladin, bringing evidence of a vile Cult and warning the court of its’ vile destructive power.

He calls their false idols Corax and Mithras.

Cycle 99 - Day 4

All of the people who seemed empty are dead, along with three other victims. Instead of being stabbed, their bodies seemed burned.

But this is going beyond my duty. This hysteria… It’s been much different than usual.

But I must hold on to my duty. My job is to observe the flow of time, nothing more, nothing less.

Cycle 99 - Day 5

Last night, after I finished my journal, three gaurds dragged me to a cell beneath the castle. I spoke to the Prince once more, and I pray he does not get murdered.

However, they accused me today. They said that I should’ve used my time powers to help them.

I can hear footste-"

A bloodstain ends that sentence in place of a proper full stop. We flicked through again and found hundreds of seemingly identical diaries, each describing such worrisome events as those that are rumoured to brew in Castle Adiart right now. The final page read simply:


As we read those words, our hourglasses began to flow backwards. We felt it best to leave.


you know that people will want the other 98 cycles now :thinking:


Cycle 98 - Day 1

Fool who is claiming Fool turn up to be Reaper.

Cycle 98 - Day 2

We executed Knight claim because they claimed Knight and they are always suspicious.

Cycle 98 - Day 3

We executed person who appeared as Cult for Paladin. They were actually Fool.

Cycle 98 - Day 4

King was hanged for treason because he had no leads. Turn out to be Good King.

Cycle 98 - Day 5

Reaper who claimed Fool was elected to become King, afterwards…


And so it begins…


How much longer until he goes insane?


Cycle 97 - Day 1
King decided fate person who was random voted. He was prince

Cycle 97 - Day 2
Pretender killed king, who was good. Then got king and was hanged.

Cycle 97 - Day 3
3 people claimed to be sherrif and surveilled 16 who was MM
4 knight claims as well

Cycle 97 - Day 4
Mr neuts out was killed and was a neut himself. And the sherrifs say 16 is assasin now

Cycle 97 - Day 5
Sorc bombed 10/11 players in game
He won