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Logging Info About Other Players


What kind of information about other players do you guys record in your logs?

Here are the sorts of things I keep track of, in a format more or less like this:

  • 2 - HUNTER wolfed n4
  • 5 - occ imm
  • 6 - ALCH confirmed by occ n2
  • 7 - not prince
  • 8 - KNIGHT cured n2
  • 10 - NOBLE twinned d2
  • 11 - not occ imm

I feel keeping track of players who cannot be Prince based on things they’ve said or done (or things other players have said or done about them) is very useful since it often helps me figure out who Prince is before he actually claims. And this is good info to have regardless of faction.

After watching SmoothTV I began erasing players from my logbook when they die, since it’s redundant clutter.

Often you will see the court arguing over things that should not be up for debate (because publicly-available information has already settled the matter) and this is because people aren’t keeping track of information as well as they could be.

Of course, at a certain point you run into diminishing returns by recording more info, but this is a balance that works for me.


Try making a code in your logs for extra info
O = Occ immune
6 - Hunter (O)


I have experimented with abbreviations like that, but in absence of a universally agreed-upon standard I feel it’s not worth teaching myself to use them since they would be useless to everyone else.

Maybe the community could come up with a standard. I’m not aware that one exists.


I generally put down stuff like that in a non abbreviated form, I also generally include a small note if I have found their content worthy of being read, and whether it pings me as town or scum motivated, particularly in regards to the kings reaction on day 1

As a specific example, if a king says “I hate my life and this class.” or something pessimistic like that day one, you are more likely to have a GK on the stand.

Its small things like that that immediately make me note in my logs “BD lean on king, he didnt want to be his role so he’s probably GK.”

That tell was a lot more common in WKM than nowadays. I think a fair amount of people disagree with king’s night ability going back to allies. I thought safeguard was a very reasonable thing from GK, and it functioning as allies on EK served to let EK find his buddies as well as provide a way of scumreading king if they seem to be acting “informed”


Sample of what my logs could look like at mid game or something
(i delete the numbers of anyone dead, which is why some may be missing)

Page 1(Left side):

ErrorPlant | Butler
N1: SW 2 | Success
N2: SW 4 | Unable
N3: SW 14 | Success
D4: Poisoned
N4: Party!

King seems kinda passive and I find 14 suspicious
Up 14 for logs if I die

Page 2(Right side):

1: King (Seems evil)
4: Occ Imm – Prince?
6: Sheriff
7: Alchemist (5 BD)
9: Me
13: Pois D3
14: --suspicious


I find this to be too much info sometimes, especially if I want to communicate my info to prince/scum teammates/other players etc


Depending on mood I can either get their full logs, barely put the open claim classes but I usually do this

1 - sus king
2 - Princess
3 - MM!!!
4 - Prance!!!
5 - Alch
6 - occ immuen CW claim (sus)

I put a lot of !!! in front of the confirmed players


i just realized that i wrote that i got poisoned then partied lol

(these are fake logs so just ignore this lol, the general idea is there)


Looks like your standard ToL Butler player tbh


Would simply nothing when players were confirmed be concise enough, like this?

  • 2 - HUNTER confirmed n4
  • 5 - occ imm
  • 6 - ALCH confirmed n2
  • 7 - not prince
  • 8 - KNIGHT confirmed n2
  • 10 - NOBLE confirmed d2
  • 11 - not occ imm


I’d rather put it at the bottom of my logs anyone I find suspicious/should vote up

At the very least reduce it to “Conf” or change it to how or something


change it to how

That’s how it was and you said it was too much info :thinking:


Like instead of “confirmed d4” or something it’s shorter and easier just to write “Twin D4” and I wouldn’t write it for every one


For instance if Colin Firth is in any of Maxi’s games he auto puts down in his logs that he is sus


:thinking: but are you suspicious?

ignores response and bombs Marcus




you were HHed


Also CODed from reaper


false no reaper CoDs N1


sellsword says hello and blocks happy hour which actually hurts the evils lol