Lockdown [Interest Thread]


The Setting
After throwing an illegal, overnight party, Arcadia High’s students wake up only to be immersed in darkness. Lacking food or water and being stuck with bare supplies, the students must find a way to escape immediately. Ominious screeches and treacherous obstacles lie outside; who knows what else could linger the school’s corridors… or who?

If sufficient interest is shown, I will create a Character Sheet Thread where players can design their own persona with strengths, items and more. Players will have to be wary of one another, as backstabbing may occur to save themselves.

I am actually relatively new to this forum and am just looking to have just an overall fun experience. I hope you join me, because there is a lot in stock for this journey…

Just do /in to enter!

1. Simon
2. Magnus
3. Boss110
4. James
5. DirectorHail

Would this be more of an rp, where its more the fun of the experience (bad way of wording it, but its fine), with game-like aspects.
or is it more of a game. not an fm, but a game, where one is trying to win, perhaps in a rp-like fashion. you said you are new to this forum, but others here would recognize me defining this as a magnus game, or a MISC game

the reason i ask is that it pretty heavily effects how i design my character sheet

It’s hard to explain or define right now. There isn’t a “set” winner at the end; every player has the basic objective to escape (though some subgoals MAY interfere with others).

I guess we’re here for the fun of the experience (survive together), but always be wary of others.

well, for now i suppose ill /in to see where this goes.

Sounds like Last Year: The Nightmare in a way.

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Also sounds like something I would make :thinking:


hmmm! I’ve also heard about the Last Year: Nightmare - seems interesting!

Glad to have you onboard :smiley:

sole survivor here
Confirmed true: the hero lives until the end, so I’ve gotta be a hero then run away.



I think we need a few more people.

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Add James to the list.
Don’t worry, i’ll Blackmail talk to him.


@DirectorHail ?

Sounds… fun.
You hear knives being sharpened.


I like the way you think.

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Thank you.
Don’t worry, James will murder everyone except me because of this plan here.


Oh dear, some scheming is already going on

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That’s allowed, right?


Yes of course :wink:

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Is this going to be a murder vs survivor game, or sort of like escape room where everyone has goals?

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A sort of escape room. But who knows? Someone may become corrupt along the way…

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