Lockdown [CS Sheet]

Character Sheet

Trait {e.g. agility, strength, intelligence}:

Character Sheet

Name: Magnus Cartridge
Appearance: He has a scar on the palm of his left hand, where he cut himself upon a hunting knife at age ten. Magnus has dark long hair that falls into his eyes. He wears black clothing usually, along with combat boots.
Backstory: People say if you need secrets spilt, enemies dishonoured, to get rid of your tracks, go talk to Magnus. He knows a lot. He knows every secret everyone has. He’s a dangerous friend, but not as dangerous as having him as an enemy. He always carries a golden coin depicting the words Sic ‘Semper Tyrannis, engraved with a picture of Julius Caesar. He isn’t strong, particularly, but he seems dangerous in a quiet sort of way. He wasn’t invited to the party, but he’d heard about it regardless and turned up, heard from his brother, Deacon. And now, it seems his knowledge has failed him.
Trait {e.g. agility, strength, intelligence}: Information broker

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Name: Kyle Asmond
Appearance: 5.8 ft. Wears A light blue shirt and grey pants, Black shoes with white socks. Blue eyes. Brown hair thats gelled to the right perfectly.
Backstory: Kyle Asmond was born with savant syndrome, His savant combined with his photographic memory gave him excellent learning cabability. However it wasn’t all luck, Kyle’s mother Sally, died during labour. Leaving Kyle with his abusive Father Jack Asmond. His savant rendered him unable to socialise with other kids. Often he freezed when talking to others, His Father often got angry as Kyle was always reluctent to follow orders. He was constantly Beaten and Yelled at. The only thing he loved was his pet dog Rigby, Rigby was his only friend. During an argument between Kyle and Jack, Kyle ran off to Rigby. Kyle hugged Ribgy and tried to block out the yelling, Outraged Jack grabbed rigby by the throat and threw him towards the wall as he shouted at Kyle. Rigby’s neck broke, Kyle could hear the soft crunch. In panic Kyle ran to rigby, putting him in his arms before rushing him to the vet. But it was to late, by the time Kyle got Rignby to the vet all Rigby’s vital organs had shut down. The vet noticed Kyle’s wounds from the abuse, The vet, Omar was able to talk Kyle into confessing. Omar reported the Abuse and Jack was taken to court, awaiting to be trialed. With no where else to go Kyle stayed at the vetenary clinic with Omar. Kyle became fascinated with medince, he read through all the books in a day and was determained to learn more. As he grew up he A’ced through school no problem, constantly researching online and studying. However Kyle was always lonely, towards the end of highschool he heard about a Party that would take place overnight, Wanting to try and make friends he decided to go, But it wasnt long before he knew he had made a terriable mistake… Simple Minds Suck!
Trait: Medical Knowledge

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Character Sheet

Name: James Blackwind
Appearance: A boy with shockingly silver hair and skin so pale it looks like the colour has been bleached. He wears dark clothing that contrasts greatly, and wears practical boots. He uses a cane to help him stand, a wooden cane marked with hieroglyphics.
Backstory: James was a test subject of a military operation, where they fed him a sort of silvery powder mixed into his food. It was called Cui Bono, because Who Benefits, him or the military? It turned out it was poisonous. When they tried to wean James off, he was wracked with pain. His body had become addicted to the drug. His mother took him away to live a normal life. He doesn’t ask how she finds more Cui Bono when he needs it.
He carries a small amount of the drug with him, just enough for day to day use.
Trait {e.g. agility, strength, intelligence}: Sees the best in everyone, Intelligent.

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So Freya… feel free to make me die if I don’t use the powder.


Use it wisely…

And since I have a major weakness, i deserve an unfair advantage.

According to all our backstory’s so far all of us will have some sort of disadvantage except Magnus. He just knows stuff.

Knowledge is power, my friend.


“Don’t worry guys I have botany knowledge! If you get hurt I’ll rub your back for 12 seconds and you’ll be good as new!”

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I’m too smart, I know exactly where the killer is at all times.

“Object of obsession? Yes but that comes with a cost, if you can see the killer he can also see you! Are you ready to loop him around some school desks?”

“Because we all know the killer is to stupid to jump over the desks”

I just stand on the desk.


Dead by Daylight references? o.O

“How dare you! I’m reporting for exploiting!”

“I’m not exploiting. I’m thinking.”

“Wait I have a better idea!”

/Plays huntress

Well I have Rancor and dying light, so prepare to get tunnelled