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List of Attacks


Normal Attacks: Alch, Assassin, Cult Leader, Sorcerer (Magic Missile), Possessor (Puppet Strings), Hunter (Hunter’s Mark), Knight (Cold Steel), Psycho King, Pretender, Paladin (Smite), Inquisitor

Unhealable Attacks: Any Normal Attack that is empowered, Inquisitor, Possessor (Possess), Reaper, Assassin (Enforcer’s Frenzy), Prince, Paladin (Smite)

Death Immune Bypassing Attacks: Reaper (Gather Darkness + Reap), Sorcerer (Walking Bomb), Assassin (Enforcer’s Frenzy), Prince

Possessing Attacks: Possessor (Possess) (duh)

Visiting Attacks: Knight (If attacking Defend target), Hunter (If attacking hunter when they use Bear Companion), Reaper (Circle of Death, Empowerable)

Cannot Be Empowered: Reaper’s Reap, Cult Leader’s Eradicate, Pretender’s Kinslayer, Alchemist’s Bomb, Hunter’s Bear, Knight’s Defend, Inquisitor’s Ruthless Efficiency, Sorcerer’s Walking Bomb

This was ran over several times with the help of others in the discord server. Tell me if i’m missing anything.


I feel like the goal was to distinguish different types for clarification purposes, but yet: inquisitor is an unhealable attack and not a normal, which is logical; but paladin smite is both unhealable and normal, which is not logical. It is unhealable, not normal. And it can’t be empowered either.

Also I am quite sure the hunter bear is not a visiting attack - so if the observer follows the assassin who attacks a bearing hunter, it won’t show that hunter visited the assassin.


These ones are standout in that healers will not be notified that the player was unable to be healed iirc.

I’d give them their special category due to distinction.




It refers to a specific thing not related to the lack of notification for healers