Liar - ■■■■ - Canned



  1. Obey all general Forum rules.
  2. THE KNIFE sees all, and does not approve of LIES. Do not lie, lest you risk its’ judgement.
  3. THE SPEAR hears all WISHES spoken in ITS’ DYE.
  4. This game is a game of Mafia. There will be an informed minority and an uninformed majority. You will know which you are when you receive your rolecard.
  5. The moderator will never lie to you on your rolecard, but may lie in your night results.
  6. Only the FORSWORN may lie.
  7. Days will be 48 hours. Nights will be 24 hours. Unless otherwise stated.
  8. Majority is disabled. Plurality is enabled. In the case of a tie, the player who recieved more votes first is ■■■■■.
  9. Do not communicate with the mods in the thread. Instead, Pray to the mods. Angleshooting role cards, mod PMs, communicating illicitly, and otherwise will result in being casted unto the ■■■■.
  10. Credits for inspiration and original setup goes to MANTICHORA.


  1. WazzaAzza
  2. SogMan
  3. Andrej
  4. Marshal
  5. htm
  6. DatBird

Lost Souls

  • NinjaPenguin


This game will start before Danganronpa one, due Wazza’s game requireing time to prepare roles.


One question, approximately when will this game start?


Probably some time this week, pending on when this fills.


We will aim it to be middleground between other games closing in to later game stages and shortly after feeling.


will this be explained more?

Eventually, but the Armaments do not take kindly to having their secrets revealed before it is their time for them to be revealed. Rest assured that so long as you don’t LIE, you’ll be fine.

I probably shouldn’t in if I’m only gonna be active from the 31st?






Hey guys I rolled town. Instantly Dies



Ah I get it. Forsworn is the mafia. So basically, get all the suspicious people to claim mafia before they get mislynched. If they do not die, they are mafia.

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