Let's play Truth or Dare! But

But… I can only choose Truth and you can only ask me and this is another AMA that you’ve been bamboozled into.

i’ll answer any questions in the morning if all the amas haven’t been deleted or anything yet lol


Do you like slightly spiky doorknobs?

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Meh. They’re fine

I like super spiky doorknobs better bc otherwise they can’t impale the hands of my enemies

I know I didn’t specify it in this totally serious class I made but it’s a very very very spiky doorknob

Of course, if it’s my enemies’ spiky doorknobs then I obviously just impale them upon their own heated doorknobs while I watch them writhe in pain

Do you like prime numbers?

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Hell yeah!

Number 7 and 13 are some of the best superstitious numbers

How can your family be Asian and still tell you to go engineering because that’s what Asians do
I spilled out my drink when I read that

wdym lol

You said something about that in Discord

lol when

idk if im just super sleep deprived or something but i dont remember that

When you said that you wanted to go Marketing

dont recall still, sorry, could u dm me the ss or something lol

That’s not very important so yaaawn let it be

Gimme a hug!

I dare you to answer my question!
Do you know anyone on the forums irl?