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Let's Limit the Royal Finger


King Point is a very powerful ability that completely destroys Possessor and feels like an ability that is just mindlessly spammed.

If a King doesn’t point he’s immediately executed by the court.

If King’s point was restricted to 2 or 3 uses it would bring it in line with other day abilities and bring a little more strategy and deduction to using point. It would make King play more exciting and dynamic as well. (Do I need to point here?)

It could also be fun to give different factions different numbers of finger abilities to allow for deduction, similarly to how good king gets one extra guard.


why are we nerfing a perfectly fine Ability on a role JUST so possessor can jump to king

I feel like this suggestion came because you are salty no offense


Every other day ability in the game (Except for Scout and Troll box) has a limited use. I think we should bring Royal Finger in line with the other abilities.

I think from a gameplay standpoint that it’s more exciting and dynamic to have intention and strategy behind the Royal Finger other than just spamming it every day. That’s more important to me than Possessor jumps.

I have thousands of hours in this game and have personally provided plenty of constructive feedback in the past (a lot of which has been implemented) and it’s discouraging that you would dismiss me and my feedback as “salty” rather than provide any counterpoints.

I’m well aware this is my opinion but I’d love to hear what other people think.


It’s the king. It’s the power person. It’s meant to be somewhat strong and even still it’s not an overpowered ability


Royal finger should just be a passive. Don’t @ me


also honestly I would rather royal finger be a passive double votes that is disabled upon using decide fate and instead give it another day ability




Shut up my alt :stuck_out_tongue:




Having it be an invisible passive is a good solution.


That’s what FoL uses, so I agree with that :+1:


Imprison, Dirty works, Sacrifice, Walking Bomb, Bomb Swap, Face Lift


I mean if you are mm going assasin that counts as 1 use. Max it will be used it 1 time.

Facelift will be used on 2 jumps.

Who even uses sacrifice more than 1once if not less.

Imprison is imprison. OP prince powerrole unlimited uses.


Also the fact that he established a rule (day ability’s are limited use) and immediately named 2 exceptions. We are at the very least at 6 now


I think most people understood the point I was making, thanks.


Point should be a passive honestly (that possessor keeps IF jumped)
just a general double vote also people will be more careful when upping someone when The King wants to up them.


Point should be a passive honestly


(that possessor keeps IF jumped)



Keeping the unlimited amount of fingering is probably ideal tbh

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Ok but only if we let him use it more than once per day and at the same time as decide fate. Also make decide fate unlimited use


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