Let Them Rock [Interest Check]


X Kids sit in a freshman biology classroom, all delinquents. Told they’ll amount to nothing good in their lives. One of them proposes starting a band. All X of them agree

Where it goes from there is up to all X of you.

Character Sheet

Age-14-15 (they will age up dw)
Fame Level: 0
Class: (See List)
Notable Things In Their Life:
Performance: (how good you are at performing in concerts)
Lyricism: (how good you are at writing lyrics)
Vocals: (How good you are at singing)
[Instrument Of Player’s Choice]: (How good you are at your given instrument)
Instrumental Writing: (how good you are at writing songs to go with lyrics)
Reputation: 0 (how the public perceives you)
You will have 20 points to assign how you see fit, reputation is something gained through events in the rp

Class List

  • Performer (Receives a +5 to performance)
  • Lyricist (Receives a +5 to lyricism)
  • Vocalist (+10 to Vocals)
  • Instrumentalist (+ 3 to Instrument, +5 to Instrumental Writing)
  • Public Idol (Start off with +7 reputation)

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