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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


being within 30 feet of the orcs I walk up to orcs

the city of Erba as nearly fallen our work is almost finished. FOR THE GLORY OF MAGDOR HAMMERSKULL


The orcs look confusedly at Val


I guess you where not informed. the commanders on the front decided to hire some mercenarys to open the gates in erba. its because of us you are all swarming the city at the moment. we where informed our payment will be at Gya’Bre’kk


The orcs whisper to each other


One orc punches Val in the face

Roll for Initiative


tilts my head to the side dodging the attack I suppose killing a few weaklings like yourselfs won’t upset my employer


“Val you idiot! Why you agitate the orcs?!”


Val simply walks around the orc so she is behind him and mutters a chant

I release thy power in myself to call upon the guardians to slay my foes.

suddenly angels fly around Val all appearing as drow

(casts spirt guardians)


(I’d like to point out since you didn’t succeed on a dexterity roll that the Orc did hit you but it did no damage because of reasons)


(what dexterity roll?)


(the dexterity roll that, had you asked “can I dodge the punch” I would have told you to roll, but you didn’t ask so you didn’t dodge)


(it would of been an attack roll by the orc)


(it would have been a dexterity roll by you because I’m the DM but you didn’t dodge it so he punched you in the fucking face and you just have to live with that now)


(as a character it would of been assumed I would try to dodge when a FRICKEN FIST IS GOING TO HIT ME)


(just forget it)


“Thunder holds power, yet words commands the thunder!”

Rina directs Thunderwave at the orcs… And Val which is very close to them

“No need to worry, Val! Worst case scenarion is your death!”


some orcs are pushed away, including the captain


(Are they pushed away from the spirit guardians?)


I’mma say no but they’re close to the edge



May we have another d&d campaign or continue this.
D&D is great.