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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


The Orcs continue to orc


[Orc Intensifies]


“That sounds safe enough. Let’s do it!”


Val has already began to take the long safe way around the orcs


Makes a minor illusion of a massive dragon roar close to the orcs


“Let’s run now!”


“Good idea, but I sssshall lag behind a bit, I wanna sssee the reaction”


(this post wasn’t showing up for me idk why)
The Orc begin panicking, trying to run but being stopped by the horde of orcs in their way, in-fighting ensues


Smirks “Okay, now we can run”


“Then why aren’t we running yet?!”

*Rina grabs hold of Nysia’s hand and starts running away.


Runs along with Rina


(are you all following Vals path?)


(of course?)


the group catchs up to Val and she proceeds to run with them

I see you all decided to follow me


The orcs do orc related panicking


Assuming the party head to Gya’bre’kk, as they travel they spot an orc patrol in the distance


The patrol b patrollin’


Rina be runnin’


When they get closer she casts minor illusion around the orcs to mimic an “inner” voice, saying paranoid things, things that detail betrayal


The Orcs appear to start arguing