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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


(Well your options are Nesseltein which is flying, Horaema which hates you, Gya’bre’kk the orc capital which is where Magdor is assumed to be, or Sii’ko’fra’tt which is also orc territory)


(How do people normally get to Nesseltein?)


we are not going to attack the army grimm. we are going to stop Magdor. he is creating this orcs at a unstoppable rate. if we flee from this they will all die.

gets in close to him if you don’t wanna help these people THEN GO BACK TO THE ROCK YOU CAME OUT OF. I am going to Gya’bre’kk with or without you.


“So then tell me how we get past this army of orcs sieging the castle. We can’t just wait out here for weeks until they leave.”


(also why does val care?)


(why should Val not care?)

we take the long way. circle around. or maybe we could disguise our self’s as orcs like rina suggest. but the last thing I will do. is give up you heartless drow word


I suggest we disguise our selfs as orcs. I trust in rinas talents to do just that.


(Walking because it’s not usually in the air)


“You do realize the person you’re searching for is likely at the center of the orcish horde, correct? You aren’t going to be able to change a halfling like Rina’s height to make her a convincing orc. I’m the only one of us who could reasonably pass as an orc when disguised.”


stands slient for a few seconds your a idot you know that right?


stands side by side with rina Rina half elf not halfing


(Then grimm would have said elf, not halfling. either way, you can’t disguise her as an orc)


"Have you ever even seen an Orc? Unless you can put on about 100 pounds of muscles today, you’re not going to be disguisable. "


so what do you suggest we do? abandon everything?


“We can go and help someone else who needs it. There are people in need all over. We shouldn’t throw our lives away for a pointless vendetta. If you bite off more than you can chew, you’ll only find yourself choking. Unless we have an actual way into the city, we cannot proceed.”


Grimm when the orcs destoy this place. do you know what is next? Horamema? Nessaltien? how many city’s are you willing to ignore the problem for until you are ready to stop it?

you call yourself a paladin? go look in a mirror, you are no shining hero. just a coward looking for easy money.

Val leaves you I am off to stop him myself


(how could the orcs destroy Nesseltein when it’s in the fuckin sky)


(Bad example but still an example)


"If you wish to commit suicide, I won’t stop you. But charging at 1000 orcs will only end in your death. So long as you accept that, you may do as you wish. We aren’t going to charge at them and give away our lives for nothing.

The rest of us will be here trying to come up with a logical plan of attack. And if no logical plan exists - we leave and find someone to help us."


who would be able to help us before Erba fell?