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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


(How many orcs are there?)


(its a army)


(An army can mean anything from 1000 soldiers to like 20)


(20 orcs isn’t even a problem, 1000 is. Which is why i’m asking)


(big as)


“How about going by using a disguise?”


(hundreds at least)


(What’s the surrounding area like?)


The city looks like a city with big walls and then there’s orcs in the way


(Surrounding Area. like off to the sides? Is there forest? Is it an open field?)


grassland on one side and desert on the other


“let us lay low off on the sidelines for a while. If we wait a day or so, perhaps the orcs will leave.”


“Make camp? What if they look for food?”

Rina looks anxious. She is. There are too many orcs.


The orcs continue to orc


“We stay on 'ze sidelines and wait. So long as we don’t make a fire we shouldn’t stand out.”


(If we’re waiting, Grimm will attempt to study what he can about the orcs, are they attacking the city? are they marching from the city? What are they doing?)


They appear to be laying siege to the city however only from the front, the city is being bombarded by catapults and ballistas, there are also Orc warriors attempting to break down the door, in the rush to reach the walls a lot of orcs are being trampled by their allies


“This place is doomed. As much as I want to help these people, we should leave. There is nothing 4 people can do to stand up to an army.”


Rina looks conflicted for a moment. Then she sighs.

“I agree with Grimm. This is too scary.”


“There is good we can do to help people elsewhere. If we throw away our lives here, we will never be able to do any good anywhere again.”
( @Boopydoop how far is the closest town besides this one?)