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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


takes the books and reads them


There’s a history book which mentions the Cabal for like 1 page


reads the entire book on the Cabal


The Cabal is the collective name commonly given to three prominent figures in Merathia’s History

Abraith - A powerful Ice mage
Rieta - A harpy, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Sky
Dezzik - A mage specialising in Geomancy

The Cabal worked in secret for years, however their existence was known of for a while

The most significant event in the Cabal’s history was when they launched an attack on the Elemental Plane of Water, witnesses described the events inconsistently, but a few sections appeared in most statements

  1. Rieta somehow caused Abraith to encase himself in a block of ice, presumably killing him
  2. Rieta used a magical crystal to steal Dezzik’s magic abilities, before stabbing him in the chest and throwing him into the water

Not long after, Rieta gathered an army and attacked from the West, ransacking both Duth and Burin before any aid could arrive
Rieta’s army was eventually defeated by the dragon Piezi, a mysterious being calling itself Orlock, and Captain Terrimor, commander of the Merathian Navy and ancestor to the Terrimor family, whose influence spreads across Merathia to this day.


closes the book and turns to my party are you all ready to stop the Cabel from being reborn?


“Dependssss, do I get a sssnack?”


“Only if I get to play every once in a while. I also want to be famous!”


“I’m a catapult of destruction, just point me in 'ze right direction.”


“I would sssay you’re more of a ssssheild than a catapult…”


(I can’t push the plot along RN as there’s no NPCs but cough cough)


closes the book and so we go to the orcs home


we all begin our journy to Gya’bre’kk


There’s a big fuck-off army of orcs in the way


(is grimm strong enough to carry us all?)




Grimm starts walking up to the orcs. “Let us go see if 'zey will let us pass!”


The orcs look angry and mean


“Well we could fly over them, but we would have to do it one at a time…”


“Nonsense! Let’s just talk to 'zem. No need for complicated plans!”


Grimm. do you feel like dying?