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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


rolls her eyes, here we go again


There’s a slightly important looking man barking orders atop the Northeast wall


come now Valyria. how troublesome can orcs be walks up to Corporal Crant and salutes like a solder

Corporal Crant we must talk on urgent news


Crant: What sort of news?


You mean an army of reproducing orcs by sinister means led by a sinister person? Yes def not troublesome

Sarcasm is dripping off her voice


have you heard of the Cabal?


Crant: I thought they were dead


sadly not. Magdor Hammerskull is among them now.

he has found a way to make a army like this.


Crant: Well if the Cabal are still active then evidently our ancestors failed
Crant: Nevertheless, if you are correct then it is imperative that Magdor is dealt with ASAP


your ancestors? I don’t know much about the Cabal.


Nysia does a snake blep


Crant: The Cabal were a group of three powerful and influential people, Abraith, Rieta and Dezzik
Crant: Little is known about the minutia of their activity, but it is believed that Rieta betrayed the others, likely killing them, on “some other plane of existence”
Crant: Rieta launched an attack on Merathia with an army of harpies, they destroyed several major cities before anyone could respond


Listen. we want to help you. but we need all the information you have on Magdor Hammerskull and the city of Gya’bre’kk


Crant: He’s a violent megalomaniac that slaughters for fun, what else is there to say?


is he leading the attack?


Crant: He has lieutenants for that


do you have a map of Gya’bre’kk?


Crant: There’s almost certainly some in the library


nods and heads to the library


There’s books and maps and shit