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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


looks behind me for the attackings orcs


You see where you came from


I yell back alright we get it orcs. we shall leave now


Person: Enjoy dying then!


I keep on the journey to Gya’bre’kk


As you go around Erba you see a very large army of Orcs attacking the walls


interesting. I never knew a army of orcs were here


turns back to the 1st gate and yells out

hey did you know you had a army of orcs outside your walls? smiles innocently


Person: That’s why we have the walls!


is this the army of Magdor Hammerskull?


Person, sarcastically: Noooo


open the gates. we have much to discuss


the gate that is farthest from the army is opened


oh. enters who is in charge of this siege?


Person: Assuming you mean who’s managing the military, that would be Corporal Crant


tell me were to find him


Person: Up on the Northeast Section


how long has this army been attacking for?


Person: A couple months
Person: How do they keep getting more Orcs it doesn’t make any sense
Person: There isn’t a sapient species alive that breeds that fast


nods and looks for Corporal Crant