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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


“Good! But, can we rest for a while there before starting to kill anyone? I want to perform at least once before I’m chased out again.”


we can rest as we walk


“My blade aches for battle! 'Zis Magpie will stand no chance!”


begins to head off who thinks we are gonna be chased out of this town like the others?


“I think 'zey should be grateful for our work! If not for us 'zey would be sitting under a rock right now?”


“Maybe we ssshould try not to get killed everywhere we go”


if we are gonna take out Magdor we will need to plan to slay a king. however I won’t commit until we discover proof of his wrong doings. so our 1st step is spying


“Great! I’ll have time to play at a tavern then.”




(the meteor that kept falling. Grimm is dumb and thinks that actually was happening)


(i mean it did happen but it was only enough to flatten the inn)


the party begin there journey to Gya’bre’kk


On the way, the party arrives in Erba, only to see large walls built around it, which is unusual


(why is it unusual?)


Erba doesn’t usually have large walls built around it


strange. oh well we should probably keep going on our way


Someone calls from the walls
Person: You there! Get inside the city, it’s not safe out there!


and why not?


what has you so worried?


Person: THE ORCS!