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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


well I have done all I can do


A yell from close to the city
Yell: I blame this one on you guys!
The city and the ground on that side of the city begins to rise up


trys to fiqure out who it is?


It appears to be Briwyn, she falls over as the city rises


Briwyn is fine? I thought she was kidnapped by Chronos. he even said how he was gonna check up on her


She goes to jump across the fissure, trips on a rock and falls in, she flies out moments later


is she flying to us?


she’s flying to your side of the fissure


waits for her to get closer to us


she lands and walks over


how did you escape from Chronos?


Briwyn says the same thing as Val as she is saying it
Briwyn: Trial and error, you’re trapped in a time loop you’ve died nine times, you visited the junkyard you met a tiefling named pepper you helped save her sister Cassidy you followed Chronos to a portal you went in the portal you arrived here and are trying to find me to get answers.
Briwyn: There, you’ve told me your problem, woo-fucking-hoo well done
She said this all in a bored and monotone voice


(umm what?)


(You didn’t think you were the only ones in a time loop, did you?)


I get it. we have already been through this


how many time loops have you been throw?


Briwyn: I’ve lost count, but Chronos can only sustain one loop at a time, which means you’re free


why has Chronos shifted his effect?


Briwyn: Because in one of the timelines I stop him, and he wants to torture me for eternity and make sure I don’t do that


I do believe Chronos spoke about Torturing us forever. when did your time loop begin?