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Legends of Merathia (A D&D campaign)[Chapter Six: Manhunt]


Welcome, adventurers, to the world of Merathia

Okay so
D&D Campaign
I’m gonna be DMing
Not starting for a while tho

Important Notes:

You are in charge of your character, making sure you know the spells and items and stuff, I’m gonna have my hands full with the DM stuff
I will have copies of your character sheets tho

Making a Character:

@FadeBlade knows a lot about D&D, if you need help with your character consult him, along with this PDF of the player’s handbook(there’s more than what’s here but the basics are there -


This is D&D, your character will likely die, if you die, you can make a new character and be put at the back of the Death Queue, when a party slot opens up, the first character in the Death Queue will be brought in

In the event that there are open slots and no characters in the death queue, you may join as soon as you submit your character


All important dice rolls and shit will happen in the discord server -

Party Members(6 max at once):

  1. Val Darkened Soul - A Drow Sorcerer(Divine Soul) - Played by FadeBlade
  2. Rina - A Half Elf Bard - Played by Damafaud
  3. Grimm Diamondskin - A Genasi(Earth) Paladin - Played by Marluxion
  4. Valyria - A Tiefling Wizard(Necromancy) - Played by AgentBoin
  5. Nysia - A Pureblood Warlock - Played by Queen_Alfa
  6. Ixen - A Lizardfolk Sorcerer - Played by PolikShadowbliss

Death Queue:

  1. ??? - A ??? ??? - Played by Simon
  2. ??? - A ??? ??? - Played by Frostwolf103
  3. ??? - A ??? ??? - Played by PokemonKidRyan
  4. ??? - A ??? ??? - Played by Braixen

Characters that aren’t in the party for whatever reason

Maledith “Strongeye” - A Goliath Barbarian - Played by Monkke - Reason Unknown
James Tyrandan - A Human Fighter - Played by Commissar - Left












I guess I’ll join the
/death queue


Can I join plz?

If so /join.



Which edition?




I will /join the adventure, will be my first time though.


/Join death queue
My first time too.
Might as well try


Chapter One: Disturbance


/join death queue


It is a wonderful day in the town of Horaema, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s the day of the sea festival, a time for drinking and merriment

You assume that something ceremonious will happen later, but having never lived in Horaema or its sister town of Illima, none of you know for sure

You find yourselves gathered, for whatever reason, in The Black Shark, a popular tavern near the seafront, you’re all enjoying a hearty beverage, when you are rudely interrupted

A group of unruly-looking humans burst into the tavern, waving scimitars

“Right!” says one of the humans, “Hand over your money and possessions and nobody gets hurt!”

Roll for Initiative


Maledith can be seen enjoying a pint of mead before the humans arrive. He glances at them and sighs. He stands up and looks at them, taking out his greataxe

“No honour in stealing.”

(rolled 11)


Val is in the other side of the inn drinking (Got 17)

have you ever heard off a job?


Initiative Order

  1. Grimm
  2. Val
  3. Bandits (Bandit 1, Bandit 2, Bandit 3, Bandit 4, Bandit 5, Bandit 6)
  4. Maledith
  5. Rina
  6. Nysia
  7. Valyria


(Alright, so are we using a game board or nah? If nah, how far am I from the bandits so I know what I can do on my turn? Also, what kind of weapons do they all have? All scimitars?)
Grimm: “I’m sorry, but I cannot let you threaten my friends and get away with it.”

Grimm steps forward and raises his shield and warhammer, swinging his warhammer at the lead bandit. (I rolled a 22 on my attack role, and a 10 on my damage. Check #dice-rolling if you dont believe me lol.) He slams his warhammer into the chest of the lead bandit.


(1. No board just rough distances)
(2. They also have crossbows)

Bandit 1, the presumed leader, coughs up an unhealthy amount of blood as he’s sent reeling back, the falls down dead

Bandit 2: “Heh, never liked him anyway”